Ye Olde Kiosk

Ye Olde Vic will be opening a few hours a night for a few nights a week for cask ale and real cider take-away from the 4th of June!  We're trying to support local ale producers, distributors, and drinkers, so the range will be limited - at least at the start.  The range and opening hours may improve depending on demand.


  1. When will you be open?
    We will be open every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 5pm to 8pm.  The pub itself will stay open until 11pm for sit-in if local lockdown restrictions allow.

  2. Do I have to pre-order?
     It is essential that you pre-order, as this is a legal requirement of the new restrictions in England.  You can send us a text on 07796 172 513 - include your name and your order.

  3. What will the prices be?
    The pricing structure is the same as it was before lockdown, varying on strength for cask ale and a flat price for cider.

  4. What containers will you be using?
    We have a limited supply of reusable plastic containers, in 3 and 4 pint sizes.  These will cost £2.  You'll want to bring a carrier bag.

  5. Can I bring my own container?
    Yes!  We recommend this.  A plastic milk bottle is ideal because it is already a number of pints, and is good recycling.  We can't legally dispense anything other than multiples of half pints, so keep this in mind.  Please make sure to clean it out first, we will not clean your containers for you. 

  6. What beer and cider will you have on?
    You will be able to see what is currently available and its price via our Pumpotron page!  If it doesn't display anything at the moment that's because we're still deciding precisely what to put on for the next time we open.

  7. How long will the beer last, how should I keep it?
    It should last 2 days if kept in a cool place or in a fridge.  For reference, we keep our cellar at 11 to 12 C.

  8. How will you deal with hygiene and social distancing?
    We plan to serve through our ground-floor sash window at the front of the pub.  No customers will be allowed inside, to minimise possibility of interaction with surfaces and products.  Alcohol gel will be available for customers and will be used by staff between serving customers.  Should a queue develop (which will be a nice problem to have), we will mark the pavement outside at 2 metre intervals.

  9. What types of payment will you be accepting?
    We would prefer it if you could use contactless payments, but we will be accepting cash if you are not comfortable with this.

  10. Can I pre-order online for collection?
    No - but we are looking at providing this in the coming weeks if the scheme proves popular.